Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Haven't done any mini-ing!! :-((

I have been feeling really really tired for the past month or so and therefore haven't managed to get anything done on any of my Mini projects. I now have some sort of throat infection but I'm really hoping to get going again soon. Me and hubby keep talking about wiring the house up so I think that will be next on the list as soon as I'm feeling a little better.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

found a quicker way

Well the last few nights i have spent cutting out more tiles with a better knife and now I'm cutting about 60 an hour which is much better so I think I will just be carrying on with that for the next few night while my hubby is away then we will decide how to paint and lay them.
I have also spent some time on my streets ahead shops. I might make a seperate blog for these as I am really enjoying these too.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

My progress so far

Well I've had the house for a couple of months or so now and haven't really got as far as I would have thought.
So far

We (Me & hubby) have dry built the house (it's still in that state now)

I have started cutting individual tiles for a couple of the floors

I've also started on cutting out roof tiles from lolly sticks - I need 900 and after about 6 hours work have around 60 uh-oh!

I have most of the paint and wallpaper I need for decorating inside and out

I have primed the window sills and things that go above the windows

and thats about it so far. I am going to find a new way of cutting the lolly sticks to get that job out of the way so I can crack on with the rest of the house. :))